Pitsou Kedem

More than once we gazed with awe at his designs. Taizo, Beit Lessin Tower, Arlozorov Tower, these and many other amazing projects, are Pitsou Kedem's. One of the most intriguing architects and designers today and for us, a great inspiration.

  1. How would you describe yourself in one hashtag?  #Artist
  2. How does your morning ritual look like?  No matter where I am in the world, I start off my day with Haaretz printed Newspaper
  3. Which country do you dream of visiting?  Japan, I haven’t been yet and it seems like a nice dream to look forward too
  4. What is your currant TV obsession?  I always prefer Kan 11, especially documentaries
  5. Which project of yours do you like the most?  Our family home that we live in till this very day
  6. Who is your favorite fashion designer?  I love Acne Studios
  7. What is your favorite smell?   Mowed grass
  8. What are the three things you can’t live without?  Alma, Goni & Michael my children
  9. What is your favorite design element in your home?  My library, from MDF ITALIA, they stopped manufacturing, so it can’t be purchased anymore, and because books are the center of my designs
  10. If you could go to dinner with anyone you liked, alive or dead, who would you choose?  Pritzker award winning architect, Peter Zumthor (78) from Switzerland. He symbolizes the beauty and values in architecture in which I believe
  11. What is your favorite design brand?  Vitra, designed products that are affordable, functional, everlasting and bring smile to your face
  12. What scares you?  Jealousy
  13. A house in Israel or New York?  Italy
  14. What superpower would you choose?  Go back to the past with the knowledge of the present
  15. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received in your life? Do not fall in love with your own ideas, but in the same breath do not listen to advice but only to your inner truth
  16. What song can you put on repeat?  Evitar Banai, any song of his, I want to be the Eviatar Banai of architecture
  17. What is the best thing about Israel?  The openness and honesty
  18. What is the thing you love doing the most?  Traveling to the dessert, a place where you can find combination of green and brown, like Ein Gedi, it opens ones heart
  19. What is the biggest compliment you received?  When someone says they missed me, this is the biggest compliment for me
  20. What is your dream project you would like to accomplish?  In a world where the written book is no longer relevant, I’d like to plan a library with a seating place, that would change the stimulations and the materialistic fast pace self-fulfillment
  21. What NOOR gift would you pick?  I like surprises therefore I wish not to choose