NOOR, fire in Hebrew and light in Arabic, is an eCommerce platform in Israel providing a unique and unparalleled experience to consumers on multiple levels, merging luxury that coveted places around the world have to offer with our local trusted Israeli culture. The exquisite selection, for you and your loved ones, are housed on one platform offering a 360 selection, giving you all the tools to create the perfect balance within and throughout your home, our mission is your wellbeing. 

NOOR was born out of the love for finer things, those exact things that upgrade and help define our experiences in life. We believe that every mundane task can be done with style and in a luxurious environment. With a focus on innovative and qualitative goods that have not yet reached the local market, our aim is to update your homeware, home fragrances, personal care and childcare for all your different shades of living - from an exclusive dinner you are hosting to an intimate yoga class you are attending. We also attach a lot of importance to sharing and giving, there is no greater joy than spoiling your loved ones with gifts worth giving.

And if we're already talking about gifting... We have sent some gifts to people we love and took advantage of the situation by asking them 21 questions for our magazine to get to know them better, understand what they love and follow their lead for our future choices with our offering. We would like to get to know you better too, so e-mail us, write us on Instagram or Facebook, tag yourselves with our products that you love and never stop asking us for products you wish you had access to and help us help you.

As a first in Israel, through a state of the art logistics center, NOOR will be providing delivery within 24 hours in select location throughout the country, or within 48 hours, and we will save you the trouble of paying added taxes and shipment from abroad.

When you choose NOOR you choose a way of living that inspires and stands behind our name, light your everyday life and ignite the fire within.