Luba Shraga asking David Moltz, founder of D.S. & Durga

For these 21 questions we’ve had one of our favorite lifestyle bloggers Luba Shraga take the lead and interview the founder of our favorite Brooklyn based perfume brand D.S. & Durga. Luba has been a fan of the brand since before it arrived in Israel, so it was only natural that we asked her to represent NOOR when interviewing them. The husband and wife team behind D.S. & Durga, David Seth Moltz and Kavi Ahuja, met in New York when he was in a band and she was starting out as an architect, founding the brand in 2007 - discover their story here.

  1. Have you been to Israel? If yes, what attracted you most about the country?  No, I only realized birthright could have got me there after I was 26! We’re both dying to come soon though. History and food are top of the list.
  2. How did you two meet?  David walked up to Kavi outside a bar on Avenue B.
  3. What attracts you about perfume?  Its ability to take the mind inside to distant realms real or imaginary.
  4. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?  From Paramahansa Yogananda: There’s only 4 things to focus on: Finding God, health for you and others, self-improvement, prosperity for you and others.
  5. When growing up, did you ever think you would end up building a fragrance empire?  No. I was sure I’d be a successful musician.
  6. What is your dream holiday destination?  Somewhere drivable.
  7. Do you ever leave the house without perfume?  Not much – unless going to the office to work.
  8. What is your favorite natural scent?  The ocean.
  9. What is your favorite and least favorite note?  Favorite: patchouli, vetiver; least: sugar, maple.
  10. Were there fragrances that didn't come through?  Why did you decide not to release them? Many. Not the right time or they don’t make sense in our line.
  11. Tips for choosing fragrances online? especially during COVID-19 times?  A site like ours provides a whole world with each scent, so you have a better idea with what you are getting. Email companies to chat with the cs team – everyone is happy to help if they’re cool. Sample kits!
  12. Do you differentiate between summer and winter fragrances? Would you say certain fragrances accommodate different locations and seasons better than others?  I like to wear whatever I want. I like heavy fragrances in summer and light citrus in the dead of winter.
  13. Successful fragrance that was popular by your audience but caught you completely off guard?  COWBOY GRASS. It’s so weird. But people love it.  Same for CONCRETE AFTER LIGHTNING.
  14. How do you choose your daily fragrance, and do you have any favorites outside of your own brand?  I’m often wearing things I’m working on. For going out I like old world fancy stuff like ST. VETYVER, D.S., and AMBER TEUTONIC. I don’t wear OPP.
  15. Tips for mixing fragrances together?  Transparent things like I DON’T KNOW WHAT work best!
  16. If you could choose only one fragrance from your own brand for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?  I DON’T KNOW WHAT – I’d spray it over patchouli or vetyver or jasmine or oud or rose or sandalwood and I’d have the best versions of those notes for life.
  17. Could you tell us a bit about the business world of fragrances? How did your business come about? And how did you know that you have a product that has the potential to be commercially successful?  We started with no business background. We’ve learned as we’ve grown. We didn’t think about the industry or what would be successful. We just made what we loved. It’s still that way, though we try to make things people will like and we have a lot of help with the business!
  18. Any teasers or spoilers about upcoming scents for 2021?  We have a tuberose candle, and an amazing grapefruit coming!
  19. Now that you've been around for a while and have a following base, does the audience have a say in terms of upcoming launches? Or is it strictly your own vision and inspiration?  We listen to what people say, but it’s my art. You have to make what you love or what’s the point?
  20. You've mentioned in various places that fragrance is armchair travel, can you elaborate? Do you feel even stronger about it now during COVID-19 times with physical traveling being on hold?  Nothing can take you to places real or imaginary quite like fragrance. You can travel to far off realms by inhaling an aromatic creation. It’s helpful during covid for sure.
  21. D.S. has quickly become a huge hit among Israeli niche fragrance consumers, what are your picks for a humid climate?  I love heavy stuff, but marketing people say light. Don’t worry what anyone thinks. Try all and wear what you like!