D.S. & Durga

Eau de Parfum - Notorious Oud, 50ml

649 ₪
Notorious Oud is someone sitting in Brooklyn, thinking about a rare Indonesian Oud procured. Thinking what would make its essence sing and grow from a single oil into a transcendent perfume. It's taking fine materials from all over the world – Bulgarian Rose, French Lavender, Egyptian Papyrus, and Afghani saffron—and building a support structure around this wonderfully complex oud accord. Oud that wears easy and beautiful.

Scent: Indonesian Oud | north african papyrus | afghani saffron | bulgarian rose.
Top notes: saffron | camphor | white galbanum
Heart notes: indonesian oud | bulgar rose | lavender absolute
Base notes: civet | cetalox | papyrus

Ingredients: Alcohol denat. | parfum (fragrance) | aqua (water) | benzyl alcohol | benzyl benzoate | cinnamal | cinnamyl alcohol | citral | citronellol | coumarin | eugenol | farnesol | geraniol | limonene | linalool

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