D.S. & Durga

Eau de Parfum - Italian Citrus, 50ml

649 ₪
The Italian coast is special for more than its citrus. It is a carefree place, where the scenery humbles all who see it. Endless roads climb and wind above the shimmer of the Mediterranean. Secret spots abound. Food, conversation, relaxation. Old classic cars. White suits. Colorful ties and dresses. Beautiful people. It’s always nice to spray something and remember places where life is bright

Scent: coastal Italian citrus rinds-chinotto | blood orange | cold-pressed lemon | green mandarin with ambrette seed & clean musk
Top notes: pressed lemon | cinotto | blood orange
Heart notes: green madarin | violet leaf |incense
Base notes: copaiba balsam | musk ambrette | oakmoss

Ingredients: Alcohol denat. | parfum (fragrance) | aqua (water) | evernia prunastri extract | citral | geraniol | linalool | eugenol

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