Cork Sally Snail

399 ₪ 599 ₪
Cork Sally Snail is the perfect interior for the children's room. It is decorative with its cute design, but also functional, as it can act as a small stool for the child when it is time to rest those quick feet. Isn't it also fun to put small toy figures on the Cork Sally Snail and avoid them falling off the curved side?

Cork Sally Snail is great for developing kids gross motor play and invite for hours of fun and games for both small ones and grown-ups.

The stool is designed with OYOY's cute friend Sally Snail.

Cork Sally Snail is not designed to be a toy, as there can be a risk that it can tip over with the child if the child uses it as a rocking horse or similar. Cork Sally Snail should always be placed on the flat sides to prevent it from tipping over.

The product is recommended for children from 2 years and up. CE approved.

Clean the Cork Sally Snail with a wet cloth, and sand off stains and scratches to give this piece a long lifetime.

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