D.S. & Durga

'85 Diesel Candle

199 ₪ 249 ₪
When the founders of D.S. and Durga bought their first car in NYC, they almost went safe with some terrible modern monstrosity. But then found a pristine ’85 300 turbo diesel Mercedes-Benz. The scent was the same as they remembered from childhood. It is a car of timeless elegance. It’s boxy look brings to mind all 80s movies, the Alps, and awkward fancy life that wasn’t attainable to just anyone in the 80s. This candle is an homage to that legend and smells of the air inside – so warm and dangerous.

Top notes: Saffron leather | suede | vinyl
Heart notes: White violet | hiba | castoreum
Base notes: Diesel smoke | earth dirt | galbanum resin

Capacity: 200ml

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