Lola James Harper

4 The Vinyl Store Rue des Dames - 190g Candle

199 ₪ 249 ₪
On Rue des Dames in Paris, there is a vinyl store where we go to often to check out what is new and what is old and still magical... lots of soul and funk music... amazing covers and art work, beautiful sound... A smell of wood shelves and vintage vinyl...
Fragrance Notes: PAPYRUS / POPLAR WOOD
190 g
Our candles are made in France
Our wax is a mix of mineral and vegetal (sunflower and coco wax), Cotton wick
No animal derived ingredients Meeting IFRA Standards + Washington Convention / C.I.T.I.E.S Standards
Our paper boxes are 70% made of recycled paper and are 100% recyclable

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