Leehe Segal

Leehe is a woman of the world. After living in New York for numerous years where she established her own jewelry brand Bleeker & Prince, she moved back to Israel in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak. Read more about her journey below! And her jewelry? We loved it so much we decided to sell it on our website, happy shopping!

  1. How would you describe Leehe in one hashtag?  #devoted
  2. If your life was a song or a movie, what would it be called?  I can see clearly now – Johnny Nash.
  3. What is your favorite raw material?  14k raw gold.
  4. Who would you dream of designing jewelry for?  Mmmh, I don’t dream about people. I mostly dream about jewelry. It moves me when the person that’s not afraid to go wild with their jewelry arrives.
  5. What do you miss most about New York?  Truth is we only just left, so I don’t really miss anything yet. But it is totally my home away from home, so I would say I am missing my home away from home, even though it doesn’t really exist anymore... as the vibe in New York has changed so much. The New York I knew was full of character and adventures, and it lost some of its magic in recent years.
  6. What person has influenced you most in life?  My dear husband.
  7. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?  It’s a compliment that still moves me… Someone was sitting in a restaurant and recognized one of my pieces, so she directly asked the person wearing it if it was indeed a Bleeker & Prince ring. Then she said my jewelry and aesthetic can easily be recognized. I think that’s every artist or designer’s dream.
  8. What’s the biggest surprise someone has ever given you?  My husband invited my two best friends to New York to celebrate my birthday, I just went down to walk the dog and when I came back up, they were simply there.
  9. Who do you dream of working with? Wow there are so many!  There are so many talented people that do amazing stuff! From chocolate to bags to furniture. I hope I’ll do many partnerships.
  10. What’s your go-to drink?  Bloody Mary! But in general, I’m a red wine girl.
  11. Who is your style icon?  Everyone. I find style everywhere and in everyone. It’s hard for me to commit to just one. For example, my grandfather’s sister is full of style!
  12. Which trend is eternal in your eyes?  A pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
  13. If you had to pick another job, what would it be?  Probably a psychologist. And I would have taken everything I learned in my current job, which would have helped a lot! The spirit is so complex, it’s crazy to me.
  14. What makes you laugh?  I have a really basic sense of humor. Usually what makes me laugh doesn’t make other people laugh. Luckily my kids laugh with me!
  15. Which superpower would you choose, if you could?  I would choose so many, but for now I’ll pick one. Simply to enjoy the current moment, without compromises and without having to think about tomorrow.
  16. Where do you go for inspiration?  Inside.
  17. What country do you dream of visiting?  There are so many! Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand.
  18. One good thing you learnt from the Covid-19 period?  There are many things one can say about Covid-19. But I’m convinced that one way or another it did good to so many people. This pause let us take a minute which we wouldn’t otherwise have taken. To reflect on ourselves, our lives and how we handle them. I truly believe that from that pause one can only grow and flourish. I had a lot of anger and sadness about the situation but slowly I stopped being mad, I’m still pretty sad about a lot of things but I’m also thankful for my personal development.
  19. Describe the Israel of today in a few words.  In crisis.
  20. What is the most important corner of your house?  Mmm, interesting question. I never thought about it. Maybe my terrace, I missed it so much when I lived in New York.
  21. What would you have liked to receive from NOOR?  Everything! The candles, yoga mats, homeware, everything is perfect! I actually bought most things, since you’ve opened J