Tea Kit - Womankind

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Tea kit of 3 boxes of PUKKA tea. Unique infusions that contribute to the skin looking white and shiny and for balance and strengthening.
WOMANKIND, a blend that balances and strengthens women containing chamomile, stavri, hibiscus, rose, licorice and vanilla. A unique blend containing stavri which in Hindi means "" the woman with a thousand husbands "" which implies the plant's properties in strengthening the female reproductive system and in the hormonal and emotional balance of the woman. Roses, hibiscus and vanilla give vitality and a youthful spirit.
LOVE, an organic blend of roses, lemon flowers, lavender and chamomile that warms the heart. A mixture of passionate plants and pleasant aromas of awe-inspiring aromatic flowers. Roses and lavender warm the heart, elderberry and chamomile soothe and provide peace and balancing calendula.
BLACKCURRANT BEAUTY, beauty of fox grapes, infusion of hibiscus with wild strawberries and fox grapes (black currant). An infusion that is all red and pink, full of antioxidants of rosebuds with fox grapes that make the skin look white and shiny. Orange zest and a special taste of health.

Each tea box contains 20 sachets | Pour boiling water over the sachet and boil for at least 5 minutes 100% Organic | Decaffeinated | No plastic particles in the teaton

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