Tea Kit - Winter

79 ₪ 99 ₪
Tea kit of 3 PUKKA tea boxes. Perfect infusions for winter.
EARL GRAY, an earl gray with a bergamot scent that was originally brewed by a British count hundreds of years ago. Whole tea leaves are grown in the southern Gat region where the oldest tea leaves in India are found which absorb the wisdom of the generation. You should sip and savor the refreshing sheen of bergamot, the gentle lift of lavender and the delicate twist of lemon.
MINT REFRESH, a refreshing and cooling organic blend of mint, licorice, fennel, hibiscus, rose and coriander. A delicious and cooling mixture to create a refreshing experience. Helps digestion after a meal and refreshes the mouth. Ideal for balancing the fire energy of typical pita and hot summer days. Mint, roses and hibiscus flowers give great freshness, fennel seeds and coriander refrigerate.
WILD APPLE & CINNAMON, a spicy and aromatic mixture with wild apple and cinnamon. A warming and uplifting mixture with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves that spices the infusion with great spiciness and wild apple and orange peel give a unique and sweet taste.

Each tea box contains 20 sachets | Pour boiling water over the sachet and boil for at least 5 minutes 100% Organic | Decaffeinated | No plastic particles in the teaton

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