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Infinity Yoga Mat - Mandala Aqua

339 ₪ 419 ₪
This mat is for serious yogis, no joke. Blending high performance luxury with a sleek textured symmetrical design to assist in alignment of your poses and provide unparalleled grip. Perfect for all yoga styles with just the right amount of cushion.
The Infinity Mat, a yogi essential. Easy to clean. Carrying strap included.

Size: length 180 | width 61 | height 5 cm | weight 2.8 kg

Care: When your mat needs a cleaning, wipe it down with a soft towel or sponge dampened with just a drop of soap and water | It is not recommended to use any sprays or oils as they can potentially damage the Infinity Mat | Allow to fully air dry lying flat or hanging with the colored/design side facing up | Air dry only and avoid direct sunlight.
Roll with the colored/designed side on the outside | This will help keep the anti-slip layer nice and smooth.

*Due to the eco-friendly and absorbent materials used, do not use your mat with newly applied oils, lotions, creams, etc. Your natural body oils may leave little beauty marks on the mat making it uniquely yours. These should fade over time.
It is recommended to only clean your mat only after every few uses. If you have a very sweaty practice and need to wash the mat daily or deeply, please consider that these natural materials will eventually wear.

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